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Ecological advantages design
Date:2017-04-25    Views:857

Like most of our clients, we at Scandex are concerned not only with quality and comfort, but also with the environment that we live in. In July, we announced our decision to make Ultraleather® “the vinyl style seating cover of choice” for our saddlestools and chairs.

For over 20 years, Ultrafabrics, LLC (the manufacturers of the Ultraleather® product) has offered environmentally conscious products concerned with the long-term impact on the environment. With the breathable, PVC free, and low VOC performance attributes of Ultrafabrics’ products, coupled with efficient manufacturing processes that are based on conservation of raw materials, toxic-free solutions, and minimal dependency on natural resources, we feel proud to offer these exceptional products to our discerning customers, and confident with their quality.

Durability is Sustainability. The less to replace, the less there is to waste!

5 Basic principles of sustainability 

1. Low Weight
2. Few Components
3. Good Materials
4. Long Lifespan
5. Cradle to cradle thinking  






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