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Work well, live better
Date:2017-04-25    Views:858

It’s true; we all spend far too much time sitting down at work at our desks. In recent studies, a UK research team looked at our habits of standing versus sitting habits at home & at work. In many cases the team found that the test volunteers were sedentary for 19 hours; 12 hours of sitting at the office or watching TV at home & 7 hours of sleeping. The study suggested that people who sat all day live around two years less than more active people. Urban Office is happy to present our collection of height adjustable & mobile office desks to promote a little more movement & a healthier work life balance.

Height adjustable "sit-stand" office desks allow you to regularly change your working positions promoting a much healthier working posture. We offer many sit-stand desk options to aid office well-being (including manual & electrical height adjustments), as well as seating ranges with extra high, height adjustments for further flexibility.

Not too long ago, we were contacted by a dental hygienist interested in all of the benefits of our Björn Saddle Stool (ideal in a tight workspace, positioning her nearer to the patient in order to work with arms closer to the torso, automatically seating her in a correct posture, etc) but concerned that the lack of a back rest on our standard Björn saddle stools might aggravate her pre-existing back and shoulder injury. As an experiment, we agreed to custom fit a high-quality backrest from our Bruno Ergonomic Chair to her Björn Saddle stool and a new offering was born: The Björn Series 700 SUPREME Saddle Stool with Backrest.

In this client’s interesting hybrid product, the seat and backrest are mounted on a heavy duty mechanism with individual pneumatic or “gas spring” cylinders for independent control. The mechanism’s unique design allows her a range of movement while the backrest maintains constant contact and support of her back. With the control lever in the free-float position, the seat and backrest follow her movements. Just one lever controls all the adjustments of her stool – seat height, seat and backrest angle, and the free-float feature. She can avoid lumbar discs being strained or damaged over time from sitting in a traditional chair by sitting equestrian-style in the saddle stool, alleviating fatigue and avoiding possible injury while performing long procedures, all while enjoying the added comfort of her backrest. In a follow-up with this customer, she reported total satisfaction with her Björn Series 700 SUPREME, even going as far as saying she “could not live without it”!

We are always happy to listen to our customers and to advise them on what seating solutions we think would make the most sense for them based on their unique needs.

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